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Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 40 millimeter:

The Samsung galaxy smartwatch act of 2 is the Samsung latest smartwatch and their follow up to the first Galaxy watch active, which is an excellent refresh over the original. I will be looking at every aspect of the smartwatch and finding out if it’s worthy of a spot on your wrist. So read the full article.

Start with the price, the sizeable 44-millimetre size almost starts at $300, and the smaller 40-millimetre size starts at 169$. There are also LTE and more expensive stainless-steel options, but the cheaper aluminium model comes in three colours: pink gold, cloud silver, and aqua black. The band of aqua black is entirely black, but the smartwatch’s body is the darkest shade of blue. You can imagine.

When it comes to the form and fit of 2, I love how compact and lightweight. The devices the provided band has an excellent fit and feel as well. All of this minimalistic presentation alongside a fully spect watch with a 1.4 inch AMOLED display and minimal bezel around the exterior make this great looking watch packed with lots of features.

Battery life:

Now start with battery life with the display always on and general usage. I am getting around one day of battery life, and without that always-on display turned on, I am getting around two and a half days of battery life. In terms of charging time you can charge this watch back up to 80% or so after an hour and a half and up to a full 100% after just a bit over two hours.


Now the always-on display shows your display at a relatively dim setting at all times, and then you raise your watch to look at it will turn on the brightness you have your watch set to. It is difficult to see the dim always on display in direct sunlight, but anywhere else, you will be just fine and with the watch set the maximum brightness, I have no issues seeing my display in direct sunlight.

I can see all of my information very well and quickly when I am out on a walk or run.

When it comes to activity tracking, this galaxy smartwatch acted to truly lives up to its name. Still, before jumping into that activity tracking, it is worth mentioning the watch has onboard storage, which lets you save the audio right to the watch and pair up your earbuds to the watch and leave the big smartphones.

If you have Spotify

the premium you are in luck with because Spotify is installed on the watch right out of the box, and you begin downloading any audio for offline listen right away. You can also perform all of your standard audio control, such as play and pause.

Suppose you are going to exercise widget or merely tapping out right from your home screen. If you have this watch face set up, which side note again, there are many different watch faces to choose from and customize. It would help if you had to but this watch and enjoy these features.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung has had several smartwatches in its lineup over the years. It seems they have taken the best of the gears active and original galaxy watch line and incorporated them into the galaxy watch 3.

Including bringing back to rotating bezel, which makes this possibly the best android smartwatch available. The 41-millimetre base model comes in Samsung’s signature colour, mystic bronze. This new colour matches their latest note 20 ultra and the new buds live, so now you can be colour coordinated, or it also comes in mystic silver.

still very cool and less gimmicky. The genuine leather straps add superior sophisticated aesthetics to the more traditional-looking watch design. It is excellent for more severe nights out, and of course, you always swap out the straps with silicon ones if you have a more active lifestyle.

The ammo led display is exceptionally bright and comfortable to read even in broad daylight, including the always-on feature. If you are a fan of watch faces, the galaxy watch 3 comes with 80000 to choose from. Fans of the rotating bezel will be delighted its back; we found using the physical bezel was useful.

Along with both side button, it made for a practical alternative to swiping and tapping. We found Samsung’s tie Zen os offered impressive performance, customizations and numerous useful apps.

However, we miss the seamless integration of Google services. Especially for Android users, the response time was grand launching, and switching apps was fast and fluid, and of course, the bezel navigation is entirely intuitive. It makes it extremely easy to use for added fun.

It has all the standard fitness tracking features but adds an FDA approved ECG monitor. Keeping pace with apple offerings the sleep tracking is equally impressive due to Samsungs partnership with the national sleep institute.

You get better tracking accuracy and insights, especially with its spo2 sensor that detects breathing disturbance while sleeping and, of course, no premium fitness tracker if complete without built-in GPS. There’s also a new trip detection feature that, hopefully, you won’t need. Still, if it does detect that you are not moving after a hard fall, it immediately calls your emergency contact and shares your location.

You can set alarms, take photos, and answers call from this smartwatch.

Battery life:

One area that the galaxy watch 3 excels over the apple watch 6. Is it battery performance you are getting up to two days depending on the watch variant?

Compare this to apple 18 hours. That being said, the original galaxy watch boasted over four days of battery life. So it’s still a little disappointing Samsung pay is included, but it only works with NFC enabled terminals.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 ( 44 millimeter)

There are two types of active two smartwatches. The LTE version comes in a stainless steel casing, and it looks fantastic. Especially I love this look

Still, we don’t do LTE because we don’t make phone calls like that. So we opted out of the Bluetooth model, which comes with an aluminum casing.


Now the LTE model comes in three colors. It comes in black, silver, and gold. Now the Bluetooth model comes in aqua black, cloud silver, and pink gold. Pink gold is pretty much going be your rose gold. I opted out for the aqua black, which looks stunning that comes in two sizes.

This one is 44 millimeter, 44 millimeter comes in 44 grams so far as weight is concerned, and the display show is to be 1.4inch. The resolution of this watch has 260 to 360 resolution. Which are the same you have on the Galaxy watch and the original galaxy watch active as well.

You will get a super AMOLED display with full colors always-on display which looks fantastic, right. Now the Active two come in Wi-Fi and GPS onboard, and for the LTE model, it’s going to come with 1.5 gigabytes of RAM, and the Bluetooth model will come with 0.75 gigabytes of RAM and also, check this outright.

I know you all been looking for it. It comes with a speaker. Finally, Samsung got it right this time they heard the people cry, and I don’t understand why they did not put a speaker in on the last one. With that being said, it does come with what many of you all have been looking for is the ECG monitor.

Galaxy active 2 have a charging cable inbox that is amazing. Keep in mind that some features of Galaxy smartwatch active 2 are in Galaxy watch the gear s3.

Battery life:

The battery timing is good enough. The battery life is 24 to 60 hours. It depending on workouts and display. I am getting around one day of battery life, and without that always-on display turned on, I am getting around two and a half days of battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Rose Gold:


The Samsung galaxy watches active rose gold Is pretty lovely. You will get a different band, one is a small one with an extra inbox, and the other is attached to a smartwatch.  The band is a rubberized kind of tight band with almost silicon rubbery; it is adorable and comfortable.

There is no built-in speaker in the smart active watch but the latest version of active watches having speakers. This smartwatch has good Bluetooth connectivity. It’s quick and easy to connect. That’s the nice thing about it.

I love the one more thing about it because the touch screen is more flexible and instantly run. It gives you a quick preview of what you know what to do. Press the back key in the cost mention to you early. This is the way that goes back to your home.  This smartwatch has a high-end design, have a reasonable price and has a lot of features.

You can connect a Bluetooth headset and go out running with it or do your exercises while you put your phone down to the side, which is nice because you can do that. You can install all type of app on this smartwatch.

Here, the many lacks of the rotating bezel, No LTE variant and limited storage in this watch.

Battery life:

Samsung Company claims that the battery will go for almost 45 to 50 hours only with one time full charging. If you are using GPS and display on, then, the timing is comparatively less. But in my point of it’s a great timing of a battery.


CanMixs Smart Watch:


Canmixs smartwatch is one of the best smartwatches for android phones and IOS phones. This watch exceeded my expectation. It has so many functions, battery life is incredible, and it comes with two wristbands. It has a pedometer, sleep tracking, activity tracking, all-day heart rate, accurate blood pressure.

You can change the face on the watch to any picture you want. Everyone thinks it’s a watch, so happy I decided to give this a try did not want to spend hundreds on a watch to do the same essential functions.

I bought this product as a present for my best friend, and he loves it. He told me it is excellent and is a perfect size and colour looks the same that the picture and is beneficial for daily life. 

It has a lot of tools compared to other smartwatches. You can receive and read your messages, control your exercise activities steps and control your heart rate. The straps that it brings are lovely adjustable and perfect for your outfits.  

I love this purchase great to keep you accountable. I have compared it with a treadmill pulse, and it is very accurate. I only take it off when showering since I got it lightweight and comfortable for the price. It’s awesome.

This smartwatch is identical to the one in the photo, very easy to use, and it helps a lot to do sports. It’s perfect. 

In perfect condition, I arrive on time, and the best thing helps me a lot when it comes to exercising. Also, the battery lasts a lot. 

This smartwatch is just fantastic. You can easily control your messages, camera and exercise apps. You can feel it’s beneficial and look pretty on your wrist. It has the correct size, and the battery keeps a long time. 

You can also adjust the clock handles and changes the colour of them. If you have another watch, the style is novel and unique, the operation is simple, and the functions are diversified.

It does not weigh the design is elegant and sporty. It does not download quickly, but it has all it has many useful functions that I need. Its step counter alarm, calorie counter, photo gallery, and notifications messages, among others. 

This watch handle has a magnet, so you don’t have to tie it or place it through any strap it’s very easy to charge since its through a magnet. Personally, I had not seen it before, but what’s amazing about it is that you have a ton of functions to use, and it will.


Battery life:

The battery of this smartwatch is brilliant. After fully charge for individual usage, you can use a smartwatch for at least seven days. The smartwatch can support most android and ios phones. You can use all iPhone types like 5/5s, 6/6s/plus, 7/7plus, 8/8plus, 11/11 pro and all others. This smartwatch support ios 8.0 and above, Android 4.4 and above.

NiceFuse SmartWatch:

This smartwatch is one of the best smartwatches in 2021. This smart fitness tracker can do so much more than any other fitness tracker I have got. It tracks your running time and route with GPS, track your heart rate, blood pressure, and even menstrual cycle or pregnancy planning.

I have ever seen the best quality in this watch while it’s waterproof, and its very nice and modern. Looks more like a watch.      

It just amazing with the fitness tracker. The nice fuse smartwatch fitness tracker is one the best. It tracks steps accurately and is easily charged. This is an attractive tracker that will not only track the steps but will look great with any outfit.

If you have a low budget and are willing to buy a fitness and tracker smartwatch full of features, this watch is one of the best product for less money. Easy to use, this watch has excellent design and display on the face of the watch. 

If you are looking for a present or gifts for a birthday or for any other reason, then you have to grab this watch. The belt fits nicely with any clothing. 

I had a great experience with this smartwatch so far. It looks and feels premium and goes really well with my formal attire. The display quality is great, and the highest brightness setting is enough to be able to see under the sun. 

It is loaded with fitness and health control features which all work correctly, but I will mainly be using this watch to match my outfits since it is so good to look at.

It is easy to connect to your phone and has many health monitors blood pressure, heart rate, sleep monitoring and counts your steps. 


Battery life:

When we talk about the battery life is good and has lasted me for over five days by now with only full charging. And I am confident that it will last more than that. The charger cable that comes with it is magnetic and is very convenient. 


Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch:

If you are looking for a smartwatch, this is one you should check out. The Samsung gear sport is packed with more features than you might expect, and it has some severe water resistance properties, but it sticks to a classic design.

So it doesn’t look too geeky or distracting, but its centrepiece is the bright and beautiful AMOLED display. It is a bit smaller than the one on the gear s3. Still, it is bigger than the one on a base Apple watch is surrounded and protected by a rotating bezel used for navigation. It is as reliable as always responding with a satisfying click when turned, and on the sides are too well exposed physical buttons for the back and home functions.

The watch itself is comfortable enough to be worn all day at work in the office or, of course, while doing sports and exercises. But I wouldn’t recommend sleeping with it.

The strap that comes in the box looks fine and holds on securely to my wrist but can be swapped for something fancier since the watch is compatible with 20-millimetre straps. Sadly I would say that the gear sports does not look good enough on a lady’s hand.

It is too big and has a rather masculine look, so what can the gear sport do well. As with any other smartwatch, it offers a variety of watch faces to choose from. Some are classic in appearance and resemble an analogue watch. Others add numerous complications that display status or activity information. Some are just plain fun by default. The screen is set to turn off automatically to save the battery and turn it back on. When you look at your watch, but you can enable an always-on display feature that looks pretty.

Using a rotating bezel, you can flip through various widgets that give you quick access to things like health data, activity stats, and many more.

Battery life:

This smartwatch needs to recharge every once in a while. In my experience, it lasts between two and three days on a single charge which is very good for a watch of this class, but if you are enabled the always-on display mode, the battery life pretty much gets cut in half. 

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