Best Streaming Media Player

No matter what you are watching on TV today, best streaming media player offer an easy way to access the content with ease. With the internet connection speed is increasing every day, people are no longer limited by expensive monthly cable or satellite subscription. With a small footprint and the ability to be streamed to virtually any device, you can enjoy the full video experience from your PC or laptop.

Streaming media players like Roku, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast can connect to the internet to stream your content instantly. Since the connection is not going to be slow, you will not experience frequent interruptions and you will never get disconnected. Additionally, most devices can be played in the background while watching TV, so you do not miss any of the exciting action.

While streaming media players are perfect for streaming live television and movies, they are also perfect for live concerts and sporting events. Whether the game or concert is in a big city or rural area, you can be sure that you will be able to watch the event as it happens. Even if you do not want to miss the action, you can always search for a particular game or concert on your player and bookmark it so that you can follow along at home.

Fire TV Stick 4K streaming media device

When it comes to the Fire TV Stick it seems that all you need is a little more. The other day, I was thinking about all the features on the new set-top box offers and wondered what else the makers of this unique device could do. If you are not yet familiar with it then I would recommend you read on and learn about the device that promises to revolutionize your life.

While watching TV with the Stick, you can easily switch the channels manually if you wish. This feature alone makes the Stick so special. Without this option, most people cannot have this very convenient feature.

The Fire TV Stick is the perfect device to go shopping. It offers a wide selection of games and movies that you can’t get anywhere else.

And when it comes to audio books, you will enjoy having the option of a wireless connection for the Stick. Having a simple touch of the remote to turn on the TV and select audio books instantly makes this device even more popular.

But what makes the Stick truly stand out from the competition is its extremely high quality picture and sound. This little device will transform your home entertainment experience to a whole new level.


The most effective 4K streaming media sticks.

View you favorite shows on Netflix, Prime Video Clip, YouTube, Disney+, Apple TV, and HBO

It has 1.5gb of Ram

Introduce and control content with the Alexa Voice Remote.

More storage for apps as well as games than any other streaming media stick.

Experience 10s of hundreds of channels, apps, and also Alexa skills.


Very fast fire stick

Amazing video as well as audio quality

They have modified Alexa Remote


Lacks the availability of proper youtube app

Roku Streaming Stick

What better way to watch your favorite TV shows than with your very own personalized TV guide? The Roku Streaming Stick can be connected with your Roku console, which will let you control the TV interface on your Roku box.

Remotes are a convenient way to browse menus in TV shows. The remote box with built-in keyboard has advanced Bluetooth technology.

Remote Boxs are available with the Roku Streaming Stick. All of these are highly portable. They can be carried anywhere and at anytime, without worrying about the clutter.

In fact, your Roku Remote Box is small enough to fit in your pocket. But of course, it will have a bigger screen that allows you to take full advantage of watching your favorite TV shows on your TV screen. If you want to turn the TV into a fully functional media center, you will want to buy a Roku Remote Box. It is not only cheaper than any other media player but also a little bit easier to use.


This streaming media player has 4k high definition video quality

Compact and powerful

Can be easily connected and simple to utilize

Can be refund or replaced within 90 days


Very powerful streaming stick

The remote can be used to control LCD power and increase or decrease volume

Zippy user interface with some much-improved applications


Dolby version not supported

Voice control functions are substandard to various other systems

Apple Tv 4k Streaming media player

 The Apple TV Media Streamer is a little more capable than most of the other applications. It includes many of the features commonly found in a streaming media player, as well as other high-tech features that make it more desirable.

The Apple TV Media Streamer allows you to access and play digital media such as MP3s, downloadable files, and video games from other devices on your home network. On the other hand, it can also receive live broadcast of television stations. You can use this same feature to record shows and use them later.

Its file system is based on NTFS so it can read and write files to different devices. Many developers are unaware of its capabilities. You can create folders for each of your computer devices.

You can use video editing to view different episodes of the show you are watching. The software will give you a preview of what is coming up on the screen. You can preview each individual episode, and edit or delete any that you don’t want to watch.


The Apple TV has no limit on the number of devices you can use to receive, send, and display content.

Apple TV can uncover and also pair with AirPods for private listening

You can sync the home pages of numerous Apple Televisions in your household, instantly matching their setups as well as folders

Sight pictures as well as video clips from your apple iPhone and iPad on TV

A10X Combination chip for ultra-fast graphics and also performance


 4k video and can support Dolby visions

Assistance for Dolby Digital plus 7.1 sound.

Siri can conserve time.

Application store supplies applications and video games past simply streaming.

The eye-catching glass surface area “Siri Remote” consisted of at no added expense.


Pricey equipment acquisition

Lots of 4K Televisions provide the same streaming services

Its remote has glass surface that’s why it can be easily breakable as compared to plastic

NVIDIA Shield Android TV Pro

There are many reasons to buy a NVIDIA Shield Android TV Pro. It has an integrated tuner so you don’t need to have a separate one. The two-hour battery life is a plus for any portable device.

As with the NVIDIA Shield, the Android TV Pro uses an app store so there are tons of applications and games to choose from. It will not be hard for you to find what you want to play on the device because the Google Play store is huge.

Also, the Android TV Pro has a voice-search feature that can help you find something you are looking for. You can even tell it what you want to watch right from the home screen. This feature will help you to conserve battery life.

However, if you have two big screens and want to watch two different TV screens at the same time, you will want to pair the device. This will allow you to change screens in the event of a power outage. You can also pair the Android TV Pro so that it works as a remote control.

If you want the remote control, you can add a controller, which gives you more versatility. You can navigate with your fingers can navigate the touch screen. If you want a computer-like experience without the PC, you can try out the NVIDIA Shield Android TV Pro. It is sure to give you lots of fun.


Improve HD video in real-time to 4K for more clear, crisper visuals utilizing next-generation AI upscaling

Bring your house movie theater to life with Dolby Vision HDR, and surround sound with Dolby Atmos as well as Dolby Digital Plus

GUARD TV Pro degrees you up to more storage room, more RAM, the expandability of 2x USB 3.0 ports

The brand new remote is advanced than ever before with motion-activated, backlit switches– consisting of an adjustable menu button.

The built-in Google Aide goes to your command


Still solid efficiency for a streaming gadget

+ Proper audio-passthrough

+ Fantastic image high quality *.

+ New as well as improved Bluetooth Remote.

+ AI Upscaling of reduced resolution material.

+ Can work as a Plex Web Server (Pro Design).

+ Outstanding assistance and also upgrades from Nvidia.

+ HDR10 and currently Dolby Vision assistance.


The shade account for video clip outcome currently damaged (again).

– Limited TV version support for brand-new remote.

– Remote layout not very ergonomic.

– AI Upscaling delivers mixed outcomes.

– No built-in IR receiver.

Matricom G-Box Review

Another power streaming device in our list is Matricom G-box that comes with two GB of memory card plus 16GB of storage. It has the same android operating system as that of your Smartphone or tablet because it is powered by Android Nougat 7.1.

This device includes a launcher that is specifically designed for matricom devices. This launcher includes the menu items like Home, video, music apps and Games etc


Enjoy 4k video streaming using Matricom G-Box

Advance Android operating system

It has 16 Gb of storage that you can use to save games and programs

It comes with IR remote (non Bluetooth)

You can download and install anything from Google play store using this device


You can extent its storage space by adding extra sd card

Very easy and user friendly interface

You can download thousands of apps from Google play store


According to some customers online reviews the remote that comes with this device remote is really slow.

Roku Ultra-Streaming Media Player

There are many different kinds of devices on the market these days. While some are not very user friendly, there are some that can be enjoyable and fun to use. You need to consider the type of entertainment you want to get with your entertainment system before you make your purchase.

The Roku Ultra-Streaming Media Player offers a wide variety of features for different levels of entertainment. You can choose a device that is just right for your needs and that will satisfy your entertainment needs. It is up to you to decide if you want something that is just right for your entertainment needs or if you want something that will satisfy your overall entertainment needs. It is not necessarily always a bad thing to pick up a device that will fulfill both of your needs and can be worthy for being Best Streaming Media Player.

There are certain features that will provide you with fantastic entertainment. This device will have a plethora of built in movies and shows so you will not have to worry about finding a way to see all of the shows you love. Many people will get hooked on their television through this device.


Roku ultra provides 4k an Hd quality premium and live tv channels free streaming through the internet

Now enjoy your favorite tv channels on amazing picture quality

Very simple and easy interface

There is headphone jack in the remote which is awesome feature for me

Can be operated through voice commands


Looks amazing slim and sleek

Now you can control everything from the remote like voice controllers etc

Includes micro sd card slot which helps you to extend the memory


The only problem with these streamers is that they don’t supports the dolby vision

Xiaomi Mi Box S Review

With all the gadgets coming out on the market these days, there is a new addition to the list that is set to take your breath away; the Xiaomi Mi Box S-4K HDR Android TV. This high-definition box is known for its high-definition picture and sounds.

The Xiaomi Mi Box S features a whole new look, much like the old boxes from the early days of televisions. It is not a true box, but is instead a portable TV tuner, a speaker system, a built in microphone and it comes with a remote control app which can be used to control the whole device.

The boxes are connected to the internet via a USB cable, so no wires are going to mess up your living room. The Mi Box S has many features compared to other devices in the market, such as the ability to play videos in high definition. The Xiaomi Box S comes with a full version of the Android operating system, which gives you access to the whole world of apps. You can download more apps, such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and a host of others for this worthy Best Streaming Media Player.


4k ultra HD streaming

Includes more than 3000 apps

Works perfectly on voice commands

Can be controlled through Smartphone

Comes with 2gb of Ram which is quite amazing for Gammers


Very light weight and slim Mi box

Nice and fast operating system

It comes on an affordable Price 


No Ethernet port included

Uneven 4K playback

Android TV Box 9.0 Amlogic S905X3 

Let’s check out the Android 9.0 Amlogic s905x3 tv box. If you love watching your favorite TV shows, then you know that it’s a must to watch on the big screen. With the S905X3 Android TV Box, you can. For one thing, the box supports the high definition format, which means that you will be able to see your favorite shows in crystal clear HD resolution which makes it worthy for being added in Best Streaming Media Player list.

Although the S905X3 Android TV Box is priced quite a bit higher than its competitors, it is still a great value. You will be pleased with the amount of features and functions that this device offers.


This tv box runs with the latest 9.0os android

Includes 4GB of large Ram space and 32GB of Rom to ensure the stability of O.S

Also includes two usb ports one for 2.0 usb and the 2nd one is for 3.0

This Tv Box has wifi that is Real 5g technology 

Now enjoy 4k and also 8k videos with Android tv box9.0

Comes with a remote and a keyboard that includes ultra sensitive mouse touch pad to make it easier for you


Very easy to set just put your wifi password and add some apps and done

Stable and quick as compared to this price other tv boxes

Can support 8k video which is amazing about this product in this price range

It can also support 3d gaming


According to some customers online reviews it gets hot after some time usage

Netflex and Amazon prime is only available in sd quality

How to Choose the Best Streaming Device For You

First of all, you need to determine how much space you will need for it. Make sure that it will fit your room so that you do not end up wasting your time and money. You also need to determine the width of your screen so that you will be able to see the entire picture.

Second, you need to determine what type of device you want. For example, you can find a standard one that will be able to hold your favorite movies and television shows. Or, you can choose a multi-device in order to get access to different streaming devices. It will allow you to access all your favorite videos from your PC or laptop at home.

In addition, you also need to determine how much quality you need from the device. There are different types of devices that can give you different options. Some of the most popular ones are the Roku and Apple TV.

Furthermore, you can find special discount codes and other types of offers. Some devices have a movie player preinstalled while others can be bought online. So, you need to take your time when it comes to choosing the device that you will use.

Additionally, you also need to determine the amount of money you want to spend for this device. It will depend on the quality of the picture and audio and the size of the screen that you need. If you choose a very high quality device, it will require a large screen.

Therefore, you also need to consider how long the device will last. It is also important that you take into consideration the amount of memory space that you will be using for it. You will find that some of the devices can run out of memory very quickly.

What to check before picking your best streaming media player device

Are you still not able to make a decision to choose from the various options available in Best Streaming Media Player? Lets checkout some of the additional factor that will make it easy for you to take a decision.

Performance: Generally set top boxes are expensive than streaming stick that’s because they are faster and takes less time to load.

Playback quality and resolution: 

If you have a HDR or 4k led you will definitely want a streaming device that will support 4k or HDR. But now days all the modern devices comes with 4k and HDR resolutions.

App selection: 

The app selection is the most important factor while selecting you streaming media device. But now a day’s all the modern devices comes with all the necessary apps.

Remote control features:

There are some remotes that are full of button and perform forward rewind and volume increase and decrease options. While others have buttons for volume controls and some have microphones for voice commands. In my opinion no one is perfect every one lacks some features so before purchasing your product take a look at remote buttons and features either they meets your requirements or not


You should be very sure that your streaming box got the right connection.Always select the device that has the latest 802.11 ac wifi if you want freezing free channel view.


Finally, streaming media players offer a wonderful opportunity for you to learn about the world. In addition to being able to play your downloaded videos and audios, you can also use your player to watch videos online about certain topics and even listen to audios that are available for download. Just take a look online to find the video that is most interesting to you and find the website that offers it.

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