The Finest Rice Cookers On Amazon, based on Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

The Finest Rice Cookers On Amazon, based on Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Rice can be surprisingly Tough to cook, also, in Stressful times such as these, when cooking at home is the default option, the last thing anybody needs is still another disappointing pot of overcooked or burnt rice.

A fantastic rice cooker will help you get it right every time. Whether you are not much of a chef (or that into tech ) or have owned many rice cookers in the past, we’ve got options for everybody, as a result of the enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon. To be able to make comparisons involving rice cookers even simpler, we have suggested how many cups of raw rice every machine holds, so which you could select one that meets your needs. And if you decide you want some more technology for your kitchen, then we have roundups for slow cookers, toaster ovens, and microwave ovens for you, also.

Best-rated rice cooker

Aroma Housewares

While you can cook a lot of different grains in this rice Cooker, more than 20 percent of reviewers especially like it for rice. “A caveman will make perfect rice” with this machine, writes one client. All you have to do would be”scoop rice, then pour into the bowl rinse, add sufficient water, press the button, wait, and eat.” Since it includes different preset timers for various kinds of rice, one reviewer claims that this system” does justice to white rice, brown rice, [and] sweet brown rice” alike.

Another reviewer was looking for a cheaper alternative to a Zojirushi rice cooker — and was “willing to pay massive bucks” for a machine” that cooks perfect brown rice” — but could not believe when her sister told her about this under-$50 unit from Aroma: “I thought she was kidding. So glad she wasn’t.

My husband and I [are] currently enjoying our absolutely cooked brown rice” And in addition to making rice, this cooker can also steam an entire meal. “I have also used the steamer basket for carrots and other veggies while the rice was cooking and love it saves an extra pot, along with the veggies are always nicely done,” one reviewer explains, adding, “I’ve also steamed fish while the corn has been cooking and then that, too came out beautifully.”

No matter what is cooking, though, reviewers appreciate that the rice cooker and its accompanying scooper are made of non-toxic substances. Of the scooper, one says”miracle of miracles, so the rice doesn’t stick to it, therefore it’s quite easy to serve the rice”


Dash Mini Rice

This two-cup mini–rice cooker is the smallest on this listing, But it’s also the least expensive, best-reviewed machine which we discovered — and it cooks sufficient rice to function a couple of people. “I very much urge for a single gal living on her own that doesn’t have a great deal of time to cook, writes one reviewer, that calls this rice cooker a”singles gift from God,” adding that she has used it to make”legumes, lentils, [and] quinoa” in addition to rice.

And according to one parent with a household, it”makes SO much rice, far more than I thought could fit in the tiny bowl.

It’s super easy, you just push the button, and it generously, and then when it’s completed, it really goes to keep a warm atmosphere. The rice tastes perfect, and it’s super easy to wash.” And almost 300 other reviewers also say that this is simple to clean. (One chalks it up for this”small but mighty” machine’s”Teflon non-stick bowl.”)

Best large capacity Cooker and Food Steamer, 8-Cups

A Few of the multi-cookers on this listing have a larger Capability compared to the Black Decker rice cooker, but none are as simple to use as this eight-cup option — particularly if your primary aim is to cook rice to get a crowd.

Dozens of reviewers describe it as”large,” including a family who specifically purchased this”for our lake home for big family parties” and another parent of four that says she is readily able to”create enough for a single meal, or several meals in it.”

After subsisting for the majority of his life beef jerky and java, since buying this machine, he has spent his time: “You can’t screw this up even if you tried,” he writes, noting that, “You may also leave it on for six days, or until your roommates discover you have left it on again while you were asleep” because after cooking the rice it automatically shifts to”keep warm” (Though we have to say: we don’t advise this.)

Finest searchable rice cooker

IMUSA Electric

This rice cooker also has an 8-cup capacity, but it doesn’t Possess a steamer basket for vegetables such as the one above (and others on this listing ) making it best for people searching for no-frills, one-and-done alternatives. “This cooker is simple to clean, looks great, so easy to use, whether it’s white rice or brown rice, then it knows when the rice is done,” says one impressed customer.

He would even”recommend this cooker to everybody,” no matter if you have used one before. The cooker has a removable nonstick pot, which one customer says is in fact the best, “handiest feature” since it may”wash the rice in the enclosed nonstick pot, not shed one grain whilst pouring out the starchy water.” It includes”indented/raised measurement markers on the pot,” so that you can see where to fill it readily. And one more customer says you don’t even need anything fancier than this.

“I’ve had pricey rice cookers in the past with a million unique configurations and options. That is nothing like those, in a fantastic manner,” he states. The ease of this blew him away since it produces good-tasting rice just like the more expensive versions, but this one is much cheaper. “You get what you pay for, less option but still cook the rice well enough and we have not had any difficulties.”

Best three-cup rice cooker

Zojirushi Rice Cooker, 3-Cups

Reviewers who do not need to make large quantities of rice Take pleasure in the simplicity of this three-cup rice cooker from Zojirushi. One buyer reports favoring this more pared-down version within a”fancy” bigger one: “I love this rice cooker. It’s simple, simple, and does the job of earning rice. We had been given one of those fancy rice cookers having ten different buttons, which I only use to create a porridge.

We do not wish to wait for 45 minutes for our rice.” Another reviewer states, “I made this thing because it seemed like the least complex rice cooker out there. Really, I just had to cook rice without becoming distracted and burning to the base of the pan. I really like this item. It Cooks rice with the push of a button and I will seriously go watch Actual Housewives and not be concerned about setting the kitchen on fire. Rice comes out just like rice.” Many also love the smaller, 3-cup return size because, as one reviewer explains, “With bigger rice cookers, I end up earning more than I need.”

Best (less-expensive)

Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker and Food Steamer, 3-Cups

A Bit More than half the price of the one over, Reviewers appreciate that this no-frills rice cooker is small and easy to use, in addition to budget-friendly. One reviewer, who proclaims that they’re”not a good cook all” stocks this compact rice cooker makes them feel”like I am a chef in a five-star restaurant” They add that they”could not beat” the price and their”only regret isn’t buying this sooner.” Another reviewer, who previously found rice cookers to be too large for their countertops, “couldn’t believe” that this one was so small — and only $20. “And I really like that the grips on the sides and cover do not become hot.”

Greatest digital rice cooker with steamer

Aroma Housewares Digital Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, Food Steamer, 10-Cups

Over 250 five-star reviewers specifically highlight the “The rice is perfect every time,” according to one reviewer, and also the addition of the steam and slow-cook attributes mean this unit replaced”my rice cooker, my Crock-Pot, my steamer basket, and even my soup pot,” since it”rips them all to pieces.”

Dozens of other reviewers love that you can cook rice and steam other foods thanks to the insertable steamer bowl, which means it”makes rice with no hassle and gives me a few veggies to consume it at precisely the same time,” writes another reviewer, who says that both components turn out” flawlessly.”

A third joyful reviewer says, “I don’t understand why I never bought one of these before. I made an entire meal at one time (Spanish rice in the bottom, veggies, and sausage in the steamer insert).” Unlike a handful of those other rice cookers on this list that just have a manual switch and don’t indicate how much time is left, this cooker has an electronic screen that counts down how much time is left and”supplies many choices of buttons and choices for cooking” different items since” each choice determines the duration of time for the type of rice” or grain to be”cooked.”

Best (less expensive) Electronic rice cooker with steamer

Hamilton Beach Digital Programmable Rice Cooker, 4-Cups

“Cooking rice can be Troublesome, cluttered, and inconsistent when performed in a saucepan, but maybe not with this particular cooker,” says one reviewer of the Hamilton Beach cooker that seemingly”makes perfect rice every time.” This rice cooker is smaller than the Aroma Housewares version, but customers do not seem to mind since, as the exact same reviewer puts it, the smaller size makes cleanup”fast and simple with little without rice that is wasted .” Other people agree that you won’t cook more than what you need in this one, and many credits the ease of use with the additional steamer basket, which lets you make a whole meal with one device.

Not only did one reviewer’s jasmine rice turn out perfectly cooked, but”We also used the steamer basket to cook zucchini squash, also it also turned out totally.” And although a few reviewers point out that you may need to cook a particular vegetable longer compared to the rice itself, this feature is”a great plus for a great price” since you’re still able to”hit two birds with one stone,” by creating”moist rice” and steamed vegetables.

Best multifunction rice cooker

Tiger Mincom Rice Cooker with Food Steamer Basket, 5.5-Cups

Purchasers state that this toaster rice cooker manages many Varieties of rice, along with other grains, and it has a wide range of helpful features and cooking styles. “So far, we create rice or quinoa many times weekly and this cooks it perfectly,” one reviewer attests. And many purchasers mention that the”synchrony-cooking” choice, which was made to cook multiple items at once. As one reviewer shares, “I utilized the synchronize cooking method. WOW! The rice came out nice and fluffy and the dish cooked very well too.” Other telephones this multi-cook feature an”unforeseen huge incentive.” They explain, “that I did not think I would use it at all, since I generally find those types of features more trouble than they’re worth, but it’s really wonderful. I created Danbury (chicken/egg dish) and it was incredibly simple. It cooked simultaneously with the rice and the meat and rice turned out great.”

Greatest stainless-steel

Cuisine Rice Cooker, 4-Cups

“This seems so chic with all our other Stainless-steel appliances,” writes one reviewer, one of about a dozen reviewers who adore the look of the rice cooker. However, as one user points out, although”Stainless steel has been the draw, the operation made it a keeper.” That’s because it’s easy to use and surprisingly flexible. “Just plug it in, add your rice, water, butter (after the cooking directions on the face of the rice), put the lid on, and press down the button and forget about it till it is cooked,” one reviewer states. Another customer accounts, “Makes flavorful rice, noodles, steamed veggies, and my favorite, Mac n cheese.

All from scratch, in 1 pot, in only minutes, and so easy.” One common complaint about this model is that it produces a mess, but one reviewer claims, “I read a tip somewhere to leave the steamer basket in addition to the rice cooker (with the lid ) even if you’re not steaming anything to reduce spill over’s…and I have not had a single wreck .” And if you do make a mess, that is when the stainless steel is useful: “It is easy to use and since it is constructed of stainless steel, then it cleans well and seems very nice from the kitchen”

Greatest ceramic rice cooker

Aroma Housewares

This rice cooker out of Aroma Housewares has a ceramic inner Bowl, which makes it quite popular with buyers who would like to avoid the more commonplace Teflon-coated nonstick bowls due to health concerns. “I purchased it because it is ceramic, and I do not want nonstick (I just don’t trust it). It’s easy to clean, cooks tasty rice and is equally as great, if not better, than a nonstick, and far healthier.” Another praises that the ceramic inner pot as”simple to wash,” and adds that it sounds quite durable: “I do not need to worry about the jacket scratching like [I’d ] with a nonstick inner pot. Even though the price is a little bit high, it is well worth it.”

Greatest Japanese rice cooker

Zojirushi Mincom Rice

We (along with the chefs in Sushi Nakazawa) have long been fans of “Don’t bother looking any further since this rice cooker is all you need,” writes another consumer. “This thing is not merely pretty and sleek (it appeals to my own designer aesthetics), but it has every feeling you never knew you wanted: white rice, quick rice (if you don’t want to wait), brown rice, porridge, cake, etc… in addition, the cord is retractable, and the parts come out for simple cleaning.

Heck yeah. Thank you, Zojirushi, for this gift to all humankind.” While this rice cooker is surely on the expensive end of the spectrum, the majority of purchasers appear to believe the quality justifies the cost. As you explain, “I had doubted this rice cooker could create rice taste better than the cheap $20 rice cooker we’ve been using for years. However, I’ve been completely blown away by the caliber of the rice that comes out of the machine. I am not a big rice eater, but I am now a believer in this machine.

Best pressure cooker For rice

Instant Pot 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker

The cult-y Immediate Pot pressure cooker is much more than just a Rice cooker, but tens of thousands of reviewers say that, in addition to its many other features, in addition, it excels at cooking rice. “I like this better for rice than the rice cooker,” writes one purchaser, including, “It’s also ideal for making beans from dried beans. Adaptable and simple to use.

Stainless steel insert has no Teflon, which is wonderful.” One reviewer says, “I purchased this for one reason: rice. I have even awakened the microwave rice how that is done, I don’t have any idea. As one fan of this Instant Pot as a rice cooker writes. “I got this to replace my rice cooker and also guessed the other functions would be nice also. It’s a fantastic rice cooker. The rice comes out PERFECT. Something about the pressure cooking makes the rice comes from the perfect consistency.”

Greatest rice cooker for microwaves

Joseph M-Cuisine Microwave Rice Cooker

Seventy-five percent of reviewers give this Joseph microwave Rice cooker five celebrities, and many raves about the convenience of microwaves. “This tiny gadget is amazing,” says one buyer who admits to being”skeptical at first because it just seemed too easy to correctly produce a decent pot of rice.” After using this rice cooker, however, they became a fast convert into this microwave rice-cooking method: “It WAS super easy and it created a perfectly cooked, fluffy pot of rice. I strongly suggest it. Saves so much time and NO pans and pots!” “Seriously the easiest thing to use,” one client writes, explaining, “I used the maximum which is two cups of dry rice.

Filled the water just how they directed and in 17 minutes I’d perfect white rice. No joke. Whenever it was done I added veggies and chicken and I was done for supper and some leftovers for lunch the following day. Furthermore, many reviewers love the smart design with a built-in strainer basket and a spoon that locks into the lid. As one happy purchaser puts it, “You don’t realize you want one till you’ve got one. Then you can’t live without one”

Best mobile rice cooker

Aroma Housewares Digital Touch Mini Rice Cooker, 3-Cups

Countertop, this one is prepared to bring to work (in the earlier times, when we had to leave the home to go to work). “Easy, portable rice (and more) on the move. My workplaces and hours vary. Some areas I don’t have access to a microwave or fridge,” one reviewer writes. “With this, all I need is an outlet and a drinking fountain!” They move on to add that it’s”fairly forgiving” about water dimensions too: “The very first time I attempted it I wholeheartedly mismeasured.

It still turned out” Another calls it a”lifesaver” for making lunch while at work. “I will cook a whole mini-meal in here,” they write. It would be perfect for traveling or a school student/dorm room too.” But those who abandon it at home appreciate its compact size; one reviewer had”no idea just how much space my old rice cooker was taking up” until they replaced it with this one. They write that it is easy to wash, and”perfect” for those who only have to prepare one or two servings at one time.

Best portable rice

Hamilton Beach Mini Rice Cooker, 4-Cups

Contrary to the rice cooker above, this equally portable, Space-saving option also includes a steam basket, which makes it”ideal for those who have limited space in the kitchen, one purchaser writes. The handle is the best if you are going to a potluck and will need to bring the cooker along with you.” Another, who’s prepared not only rice but veggies and dumplings in the steamer basket, guarantees that it would be”ideal for a student for dorm cooking. Another agrees, writing that it’s”easy to wash and small enough to leave out on the counter all of the time,” while another adds, “It is very compact if counter or storage space is still tight, and it cooks rice nicely. Seven reviewers describe it as”cute,” with perhaps the most enamored composing, “Cutest small rice maker! Makes nice fluffy rice. Love this tiny R2-D2-looking device”

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